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    Oprah Winfrey Made a Whopping $12 Million From One Tweet About Bread

    The Oprah Winfrey show

    According to a latest report by Of course this happened, the media magnate made a lot of cash by posting a single tweet. It was further added by Market Watch that the star made a whopping amount of $12 million for purely writing about how she managed to lose weight, while still consuming bread. More: Kim […]

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    Kim Kardashian Trying to Concieve the Third Baby

    On multiple occasions, Kim Kardashian has openly shared her concern regarding her third pregnancy, which is expected to be full of health risks. She shared how risky her next delivery can be, particularly after facing placenta accreta, a severe condition in which placenta remains firmly attached to the uterus wall even after the childbirth. This […]

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    Scarlett Moffatt Weight Loss

    Scarlett Moffatt 2017

    Scarlett Moffatt’s fans are going crazy over her weight loss recently, in a period three months the gorgeous lady lost about three stones which are quite a big achievement. Scarlett is only 26 years old, after a weight reduction the star was asked by social media about the lifestyle because people want to know in […]

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    5 Celebrities Who are Surprisingly Trump Supporters

    Celebrities who love Donald Trump

    Since the day, Donald Trump started to run his electoral campaigns nationwide, he is facing major backlash from every segment of the society. Hollywood, since the beginning, has not been too supportive with his ideology. Interestingly, there are a handful of celebrities that are in favor of this newly elected president. Famous celebrities that supported […]

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    Celebrities Secret Diets 2017

    Celebrity Secret Diets 2017

    Year 2017 has proved to be a great year for some celebrities that have amazed their fans with their miraculous body transformation. Some of them embarked this journey few years ago, whereas some have achieved various milestones within a short period of time. One thing that is common amongst all their stories is a perfect […]

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    Chrissy Metz Weight Loss

    chrissy metz weight loss 2017

    Chrissy Metz has dropped so many pounds due to the shock she recently encountered when the producers of series “This is us” threatened Chrissy to terminate her if she did not lose weight. Ever since it happened, Chrissy Metz has been hell busy in finding different ways to lose proper weight. Chrissy stated that they […]

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    Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss

    Gabourey Sidibe weight loss 2017

    Gabourey Sidibe rose to fame with her iconic role in ‘Precious’ as Precious. The star immediately stunned everyone from her outstanding performance and earned an Oscar nomination for her FIRST movie ever. Since then, she sought no boundaries of success in Hollywood. Currently, she has been really busy with her upcoming projects, but the star […]

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    Melissa Mccarthy Weight Loss

    Melissa Mccarthy Weight Loss 2017

    The 46 year old star seeks no boundaries in shedding weight when she was recently spotted wearing a patterned suit. The dress was doing justice to her newly transformed physique, and looks delighted than ever while appearing in a panel for Nobodies, her TV land show earlier this year. McCarthy and her husband are executive […]

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    Mama June Weight Loss

    Mama June 2017 weight loss

    In this year, weight loss transformation amongst celebrities is getting on hype. She has openly shared how many pounds she actually lost. Mama June is currently star in WE TV’s Mama june. She started her journey when she was 460 pounds, lately, the news has been spread that she have managed to have a size […]