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    Met Gala Red Carpet 2017

    Met Gala red carpet 2017

    The event was an invitation-only campaign that was planned to help the museum’s Costume Institute. It was also a launch get-together for its spring collection. While it is too fascinating to see your favorite celebs parading in designer dresses on red carpet, but a little context goes way too long. Here are some important things […]

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    Kim Kardashian Weight Loss: See Before and After Pics

    Kim Kardashian

    “light, action, camera!!”, a mantra reiterated so much in the mind of the diva, Kim Kardashian, that it has been inculcated in her life and is conspicuous in her every act so much so that she has been labelled a fake. Yet she continues to walk through all the accusations, belittling and scorn with unmatchable […]

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    Miranda Lambert Weight Loss

    Miranda lambert 2017

    The workout has changed her body and she has reshaped it in a flawless way. She dropped some of her weight so she can appear as hot for her new album Platinum. Her trainer shared some of her weight loss secrets with Women’s health forum. Miranda Lamberts is 33 years old country singer who has […]

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    Susan Boyle Weight Loss Secrets

    Susan Boyle

    The singer who left a massive public astound back in the year 2009 in British Got talent, Susan Boyle was called for a weight loss by her doctors for her good health. While interviewing with The Mirror Susan told them “I needed to stop eating sweets and cakes. It’s the bane of my life.” Susan […]

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    Selena Gomes Scared to Lose Her Boyfriend – The Weekend

    Selena and Weeknd

    So far, no trouble has been observed between the fabulous duo, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd, but if something goes wrong, the break up will be too devastating. As per the recent reports, this brunette beauty is scared of losing her boyfriend. Now, here is the catch! Relationships are not always like fairytales: Well Selena […]