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    Celebs Who Have Had ‘LADY PART’ Surgery

    Celebrities plastic surgery 2017

    The advancement in medicine has benefitted us in many ways, but, the best modernization did to us is the introduction of procedures that can change the way we are! We can grow taller, increase the penile length, get perkier breasts and even change our genitals in hours! Truly, the level of technology our generation is […]

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    Top 10 Celebrities Rated For Their Beauty IQ

    Celebrities are the perfect amalgamation of talent and beauty. While both the traits are God gifted, lot can be done to improve each element with smartness! The Hollywood industry is simply blessed with some celebrities that are truly beauty smart. Thankfully, their beauty hacks are no secret for their fans, people who admire them and […]

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    Jimmy Kimmel to Host The 2018 OSCARS

    Jimmy Kimmel Returning to Host the 2018 Oscars

    Jimmy Kimmel’s hosting in Oscars is like the strawberry topping on the ice-cream!   Kimmel truly masters his job as a host, something we have been witnessing from his show, Jimmy Kimmel live! The man added charm to the 89th academy awards with his outstanding hosting skills and is all set to create his magic […]